we're a creative team,  hope you like our work ;)


D&AD, Digital Design | Yellow Pencil

D&AD, Product Innovation | Merit

D&AD, Inclusive | Merit

D&AD Impact, Product / Community
             and Civic Engagement | Merit

D&AD Impact, Product / Equality
             and diversity | Merit

D&AD Impact, Product / Health and Wellness | Merit

Cannes Lions, Mobile | Silver

Cannes Lions, Design | Bronze

Cannes Lions, Brand Experience | Bronze

Cannes Lions, Sustainable Development | Bronze

Cannes Lions | +15 shortlist

One Show, Mobile Use of Technology | Silver

One Show, Innovation Design | Bronze

One Show, Design Promotional | Bronze 

One Show, Innovation Experimental | Merit

One Show, Innovation in Heatlh | Merit

One Show, Physical Product | Merit

One Show, Integrated Digital | Merit

Clio Awards, Branded Content | Bronze

Clio Awards, Design | Bronze

Clio Awards, Design | Merit

Clio Health Awards, Design | Silver

Clio Health Awards, Innovation | Silver

Lia Awards, Design Product Development | Silver

Lia Awards, Digital Automotive | Finalist

Lia Awards, Health e Wellness Innovation | Finalist

El Ojo, Design | Silver

El Ojo, Creative Data | Silver

El Ojo, Innovación | Prata

El Ojo, Mejor idea latina para el mundo | Bronze

El Ojo, Terce Ojo | Bronze

El Ojo, Experiência de Marca e Activación | Bronze

El Ojo, Digital e Social | Bronze

El Ojo, Design | Bronze

El Ojo | + 2 finalist

Wave Festival, Brand Activation | Grand Prix

Wave Festival, Brand Activation | Gold

Wave Festival, Design | Gold

Wave Festival, Direct | Silver

Wave Festival, Mobile | Bronze

Webby Awards, Experimental & Innovation | Grand Prix

New York Festival, Positive Impact | Finalist

ADC, Product Design | Finalist

CCSP - Brazilian Creative Annual, Mobile | Gold (2019)

CCSP - Brazilian Creative Annual, Mobile | Silver (2019)

CCSP - Brazilian Creative Annual, Direct | Silver (2019)

CCSP - Brazilian Creative Annual, Direct | Bronze(2019)

CCSP - Brazilian Creative Annual, Digital | In book (2019)

CCSP - Brazilian Creative Annual, Film | Bronze (2017)

CCSP - Brazilian Creative Annual, Film | In book (2017)

CCSP - Brazilian Creative Annual, Film | In book (2017)

CCSP - Brazilian Creative Annual, Film | In book (2017)

CCSP - Brazilian Creative Annual, Film | In book (2017)

CCSP - Brazilian Creative Annual, Film | In book (2017)

CCSP - Brazilian Creative Annual, Film | In book (2017)

CCSP - Brazilian Creative Annual, Film | In book (2017)

CCSP - Brazilian Creative Annual, Outdoor |  Bronze (2014)

Effie Awards, Positive Impact | Gold

Effie Awards, Brand Experience | Bronze

Epica Awards, Best use of sound | Silver

Epica Awards, Creative Technology | Bronze

WPP Awards, Health & Wellness,
            Consumer Digital | Crème de la Crème

WPP Awards, Promo & Activation | Winner

WPP Awards, Progressive Use of Mobile |
            Highly Commended

WPP Awards, Direct | Highly Commended

WPP Awards, Design & Branding | Highly Commended

Fast Company Awards, Innovation by Design |
Social & Goodt - Honorable Mention

Fast Company Awards, Innovation by Design | 
Best Design - Honorable Mention

Festival of Media Latam,
Best Use of New Technology | Gold

Festival of Media Latam,
Impact | Bronze

ABP, Outdoor | Grand Prix

Profissionais do Ano, Mercado Nacional | Finalist

Tomorrow Awards, Outdoor | Finalist


New York Festivals | Activation and Engagement

New York Festivals | Digital / Mobile

FePI | Print & Illustration

PHNX Festival | Film & Digital Creative Technology


Fast Company | TOP 5 ADS OF THE WEEK

Mashable | 14 innovations that helped
           make the world a better place

Ad Age - Creativity | PIC OF THE DAY
         Accessibility Mat

Ad Age - Creativity | PIC OF THE DAY
         Billboard Gatorade

CMO - Adobe | Product Design is Making
              The World More Accessible  

Lürzer's Archive, Inclined World | Film

Lürzer's Archive, Cockatoo | Film

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🔹 ︎︎︎ linkedin vinny
🔹 ︎︎︎ linkedin lucas

Vinny is the Art Director
and Lucas is the Copywriter.
They're a creative team
with 16 years of experience
in advertising ⚡

currently working
for FCB London.

Vinny started his career in one of the biggest agencies in Salvador, his hometown.
Lucas has moved from Rio de Janeiro to start his career as an intern at FCB São Paulo.
One agency later, they met at Lew’LaraTBWA and have been working together since then.

Now it’s time to speak in the first person.

After Lew’LaraTBWA, we passed through Leo Burnett, J Walter Thompson,
Crispin Porter + Bogusky, and many international agencies as freelancers.

In 2022, we moved to Amsterdam to join the TBWANeboko international team,
having worked for Adidas, Philips, McDonald's and other special global projects.

Since 2023, we have been part of the FCB London, leading creative projects mainly for Škoda.

Throughout our career, we’ve worked for clients like Ford, Adidas, Fiat, Jeep, Samsung,
Gatorade, Google, Netflix, FIFAe, LOL, McDonald’s, Stella Artois, Absolut, and many others.

We also had the pleasure to see our work recognized by the major international creative festivals
and publications such as Cannes Lions, D&AD, Clio Awards, One Show, Effie, Webby Awards,
Fast Company, LIA, among others.

This is not a skill or a thing to be proud of, but we love coffee.
So, if you want to know us better, we’d like to have a coffee with you, even if it happens virtually.

Feel free to drop us a line :)



FCB London ✔
TBWA Neboko
J Walter Thompson
Leo Burnett
Lew'Lara TBWA


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