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Design & Craft

Multiple clients

Below are miscellaneous campaigns created for different clients
throughout our careers, always combining design craft and copy.


Print campaign to remember the impressive amount of lives one single person can save when they are an organ donor.

Confederations Cup

To promote the Adidas soccer boots line during the Confederations Cup, we explored the main attribute of each product.

Sugarless Loaf

To inform Brazilians about the diabetes exam on world diabetes day,
we took one of the most famous tourist attraction in Brazil
and changed its name. The Sugarloaf became the Sugarlessloaf.


Print and poster campaign to promote the main benefit of Adizero Feather, its weight.


Series of stamps to promote the "effort wears out" campaign for Gatorade.

Let it out

Handmade typology developed with sneaker laces to promote the Adidas Originals campaign.

Park assist

To promote Fiat 500 with park assist, we created a campaign remembering people
that the money spent on car repair could be used for a more interesting thing.


Print and poster campaign promoted on Ford dealerships to remember that accidents can happen,
especially during family vacations, but you can always count on Ford Assistance 24 hours.