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Honeyed Love 🐝

/ global campaign

To launch the All-New Škoda Kodiaq worldwide, we created a love story between
two bumblebees who are torn apart and must fight to see each other again.

It takes place during a family trip inside the Kodiaq, revealing its massive internal space
and proving that love can make us do unbeelievable things.

🎬   Director: Nicolai Fuglsig + MJZ
🎨   VFX: 1920
🎵   Music: Stevie Wonder

The Bumblebees and all the other CGI elements were created by 1920.

It was part of a long and collaborative process in which we developed the characters,
adding their main characteristics, such as shape, textures, and colours.

After some research, we decided to go with Bumblebees, to make them look friendly but not cartoonish.
In the end, we got to our lovely 'Beeyoncé' and 'Beeckham'.

Two TV commercial stars that could be in a movie – like Top Gun, if you caught the reference.

We created the boy's comic book from scratch so that the bee would land where we wanted it.

The car inspired the story, as we discovered that Kodiaq is a brown bear inhabitant of Alaska.
From this, the superhero Grizzly was born to protect nature and save the family trip.

🐻   Illustration: Douglas Rezende / OitoseteStudio

The campaign was launched globally along with a series of social assets exploring the cute characters,
promoting the hybrid version and highlighting its top features.

As part of the campaign we created a series of stills to be explored in different digital and social channels by all Škoda's markets across the world.

📷   Stills: Antonia Steyn

The global campaign comprised a series of beauty shots of Kodiaq's main models to be used by all Škoda markets, along with lifestyle stills.

📷   Photo: Marc & David